Saturday, May 22, 2010

You don't have to work.

"I get paid to work ten hours a week, but I actually work about forty-eight hours a week. The ten hours are getting paid time and the rest is fun time, because I like what I do. I don't know whether this is getting paid time or having fun time."

That's what our sound guy said at the Jolly Beggars radio feature on Thursday.

Like what you do; you'll never work a day of your life.

Lots of cooking (was it really three whole hours to prep dinner?) and hiking. Some practicing in there, as well. Moving furniture down the street, experimenting in the kitchen, getting a call for a music camp job in July. Don't get me wrong, there are always frustrating things; it's just that I don't remember any, right now. I've also had some time to actually think for a few moments. 

What a good weekend it's been.

And now for something completely different:

saffron and ginger ice cream:

Why? leftover ginger, some cream that needed to get used up, and because it seemed like a good idea.

cream, sugar, ginger, saffron, salt
  • heat cream to a simmer (not boiling)
  • once the cream is hot, throw in some saffron strands and finely chopped ginger
  • stir and allow it to simmer until it's taken on a yellowish color
  • throw in a handful of sugar and a very small pinch of salt
  • if you don't want bits of ginger and strands of saffron, strain
  • allow it to cool, then make it into ice cream by any method you choose
  • put whatever on it or serve as is. there's honey on it, here.
Some people use milk in addition. Eggs will give it a firmer consistency. I didn't have any, but I'd be curious to try it with alternatives as well, like adding almond milk to the above.

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