Saturday, May 15, 2010


So I decided that, amongst other purposes of this blog, I wanted to keep a little record of the odder things that seem to happen to me. Many have come before and I'm pretty sure many will follow. Perhaps the world can learn something from this, or at any rate, at least get a decent laugh. Here comes today's:

Last night I left my sunroof a bit open (moral of the story is right here: don't do that.) It was open just the way so that rain couldn't fall into the car's interior - instead it was diverted into the roof. I discovered all this on this beautifully sunny afternoon, as I was driving to Norwalk for a symphony rehearsal. It began raining in my car - actually, it was more like pouring. At least I made somebody's day; some guy came to a halt next to me at a stop light. When he realized what was happening he started laughing. He was on his cell phone and had his head out the window. When I opened my umbrella inside the car in an attempt to divert the "rain" out the open windows, the guy laughed harder and told the person on the other end of his phone call something about "the funniest thing [he'd] ever seen". That's when I ditched the umbrella idea and the light turned green. I drove off, and I thought the whole thing was pretty funny, too.

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