Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This feels reminiscent of livejournal, 2005

"Do music, but only do it if there is absolutely nothing else you can see yourself doing in life. If there is anything else, do that." i heard this when i was seventeen and in a room crammed full of percussion instruments.

i didn't listen, and six years passed.

first i didn't listen because i thought it wasn't true - because i thought i was smarter than that.

then i didn't listen because i thought i could find another thing to do.

i didn't listen because i ignored all of the reasons that 
i fell in

i didn't listen because others were telling me only what i wanted to hear about doing something else.

but no one has lied about doing music. no one has lied or held anything back about it. no one pretended it would take care of me with money. no one pretended there would be any guarantees. no one promised a secure profession.

time to listen to some words i heard seven years ago, in a room full of musicians, with one of the most influential people in my life.

there is absolutely nothing boring about something that can make you feel cry think dance laugh shiver move twinge shudder collapse headbang. there is nothing boring about the rush, the chills, and blissful sensations that flow through your body when something beautiful really moves you.

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Parker Hu said...

is this your original writing? it's lovely.

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