Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not terribly aggressive.

First of all, I'm not by any means an aggressive driver. Assertive is a better word choice. When traffic is at a halt on all four lanes of I-95 because of an accident, I think you should wait your turn to go.

Now, I understand that all of us have somewhere to go. I also understand that, if we're planning on meeting a deadline, it can get frustrating to have to bring our cars to a full halt and actually turn off the motor on the interstate because we'd otherwise run out of gas.

So, if you're wondering why when you honk because you're impatient I lean out my window and look back at you with the best what-are-you-doing expression I've got, now you know. If you're wondering why when you barrel down the left shoulder to circumvent traffic, even though you know you'll just have to merge to the right again, I pull halfway into the shoulder and park just to stop you, now you know. It's because all you were doing was making a problem worse and being terrifically lame.

Moral of the story: Chill.

process, not product
learning, not performance
journey, not destination

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